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Wedding photography for free spirits in love

Hey! I’m Jacquie and I’m a wedding photographer in the beautiful rolling Oxfordshire countryside. I capture life affirming moments of love and all the little details in between. The moments when your heart is so full it could burst… the butterflies in your stomach could lift you up into the air… and the touch of their hand makes all the background noise fade away until it’s just you and them. I make those feelings last forever.



I’m a devoted explorer of the great outdoors, on an eternal treasure hunt for authentic stories of love and life. My soul is lifted by the smell of the earth, the taste of fresh berries, the sound of trees rustling and leaves crunching under my feet. Happiness is the salty sea air ruffling my hair and sand between my wiggling toes. I live to share hearty meals by candlelight, to hear the sound of laughter reach my ears and feel the warmth of a hug. Family and friends (the human, canine + feline variety) are my world, and true love when found is pure magic…

What sets your soul alight?

   join me on an adventure...

What's in a name?


Elsie (my Nan) + Joe (my Grandad) = An unconditional, inspiring love to live for

Natural | Relaxed | Authentic

I have a relaxed, natural approach to photography, capturing you at your most authentic selves. I love meeting like-minded free spirits with stories to tell. One of the best bits is getting to know you. A beautiful side effect is that it makes really great images.

So on the day, it’s just like having another friend with you.


Outdoor ceremonies, garden wedding receptions, woodland weddings, and festival weddings are all my perfect cup of tea. Luckily for me, I’m based in the drop dead gorgeous Oxfordshire countryside, but can be tempted to the Cotswolds, Northern Home Counties and anywhere else in the UK

for adventures in love!

free spirits walk this way...

Marrying the Bonnie to your Clyde? Got a gorgeous family that's growing up too fast? Pop your details into the contact form to book your photography for those special moments of love and life.

If you've got some specific questions about how the process works, you might find the answers you're looking for on the FAQ page.

For all other enquiries you can drop me an email: hello@elsiejoephotography.co.uk


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